How to advertise on the Ministryblue Website Free and economically priced Christian resources based in Australia Ministryblue is an Australian Christian Search Engine is operated by Rob Lamont - Christian Youth Resources, Australia
Ministryblue aims at getting free, cheap or innovative resources for Churches, not for profits, missions , school and similar groups in Australia
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Due to the costs of running Ministryblue  we are looking to partner with companies 

who want to support our aims and goals.

# To provide free, cheap or innovative resources for Christian groups, schools, charities and 'not for profits'
# Provide a comprehensive resource list of Christian ministries in Australia
# Provide free downloadable Christian ministry resources e.g. Bible studies, leadership

Rob Lamont
Mobile 0416 118813

Newport, NSW

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If you are giving things away for free we are normally happy to promote you for free. If you have a conferences or Christian event we will consider each on its merits for promoting. We will promote for free some events and for others may involve a fee. 
(Please note just to have a link on the site is free, it is when you want banners, articles,
more links or mention in our monthly email that we need to talk)

If you run a company that makes money out of what you do, we are happy to consider partnering with you. However, to do so we need your company to help pay the costs of promoting you. Below are the options. (Some companies offer goods 'at cost' in this case we will seek to treat you differently)


All general links on site are free.

 PLATINUM Price by negotiation from $ 2,500 Silver plus
- 12 banners on the Ministryblue site
- Regular information in the Ministryblue mail out
- A least one feature a year
- Separate and possibly multi-page website of the products you have
Current Platinum members include
Colour Presentations Thank you for providing a free data projector for use in Waratah Lodge and a free Projector for me (Rob Lamont) for when I am giving talks etc
GOLD Price by negotiation from $ 1,800pa  Silver plus
- 4 Banners on the Ministryblue Site
- Single page web site on Ministryblue
- Regular information in the Ministryblue mail out
- A separate web page listing your resource

Current Gold members include

Kevin Craik:
Kevin loves finding discounted goods at auctions for charities and not for profits These include chairs, furniture, painting and prints, OHP's, Screen and nearly anything you can think off. (Ministryblue has chosen to receive no commission from Kevin, and prefers him to plow this money back into what he is doing for groups
 (100% Sponsored by Rob Lamont)

Cost by Negotiation based on potential income etc. - A link in the left hand margin on nearly each Ministryblue web page

Current Silver members include
Ian Phillips Web hosting: Has given us free web hosting, and is really a great all round guy who is really committed to serving his customers
Free Microsoft Software(100% Sponsored by Rob Lamont)
BRONZE Cost by Negotiation
based on potential income etc.
A separate web page listing your resources
or articles in web pages
or info in our Monthly newsletter
Current Bronze members include

Most of the following are promoted for free as we are committed to what they are doing

MONTHLY Email Newsletter

We have a monthly newsletter that is emailed to around 7,000 churches, missions, schools and other similar people and groups. If you are a business venture and want to be promoted on this the cost is

Once $300

2-6 times
$200 a time

7 plus
$175 a time

Banner $60 a page (Your banner) per year

Banner and article $90 a page per year

Web page $125 per year

Plus link from Index page $125 per year

Feature on the Index page $200 a month

Up till now all money earnt by Ministryblue has been given away. 

(We do not even have a Ministryblue bank account  and in most cases offered money is sent directly to the charity)
If you get anything from Ministryblue and do not like the idea of Rob getting a 'commission" he would be more than happy to send you that amount.
On cars this is less than $10 a car
On computers about 1%

See we are not looking at huge amounts, but I would hate money to be a hindrance to you. Ministryblue was not set up to be a money maker but a servant. We have learnt that giving is better than keeping.

Ministryblue is a fun hobby (ministry) for Rob Lamont - This is not my paid work but what I do in my spare time.