Ferrari 612 Replica based on a Ferrari 456 body and updated
Ferrari Replica
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Two door sports car with rear V8 engine.
This hand built replica is an amazing kit car
Based on the Ferrari Dino 246 GT  1969-1973.
It is an aluminium 4.4 Litre V8 - This engine has a great history and was based on the Buick 215 V8. A version of this engine formed the basis of the Formula One Repco V8 used by Jack Brabham to win the 1966 and 1967 Formula One world championship.

This engine family was taken over by the Rover group and was then in 35 years of continuous production. My engine is from what many consider the best - from the Award winning Leyland P76. Although the car had troubles - people loved its V8 and have been used by many for race engines, drag racing and modified cars. This is the engine that GM wanted to buy but Rover would not sell them!
This engine family included being used in MG V8's, Rovers, Land Rovers, Triumphs and a number of American Buicks. Also the famous Apollo GT, a Ferrari-like sports car styled in America and built in Italy. Only 88 cars were sold,
This engine family also found favor among European racing teams, powering several sports-racing cars (including the original McLaren). In 1969, the tiny Morgan Company rejuvenated its archaic 1930's-era sports car by injecting it with the Rover V8 but only used the 3.5 my car has the 4.4.
* V8 Aluminium 4.4 Litre engine and runs on LPG with special cam
* The engines internals were built to run on gas only – this means special gas cam and modified head etc to get maximum benefit and performance
* Tuned by Mick King the famous Rally Driver who up till recently ran the same engine in his rally car – his engine was 340 kw.
* Special LPG only carburetor and engine designed to run on LPG
Bore and Stroke 88.90 mm 88.90 mm or 3.5 in 3.5 in
Compression 9.1
Max Torque 386.0 Nm (285 ft-lb) (39.4 kgm) @ 2500 rpm
Specific Torque 87.45 Nm/litre
* Front KYB Gas Shocks with lowered suspension
* Rear coil over gas shocks lowered designed to balance the V8 rear end perfectly
* Lots of new front suspension bits when fully rebuilt in 2010

Brand new full imported from Germany master cylinder (2009)
FRONT: Disc Brakes -
REAR: Heavy duty drum brakes - handles and stops well
VH44 Master Brake Booster (the favourite for Hot rod builders)

A custom built Hi-Torque Starter based on a V6 Toyota Camry (Over $500 Conversion)

P76 Exhaust with heavy duty bits – sounds magic better than a stereo!
2 Split system with 4 exhaust pipes

* VDO gauges including tacho, AMP's, Oil, Fuel, and Water temp
* Leather racing seats
* Leather dash and leather door trim
* Custom hand built interior
*Black carpet on floor and rear wall
Custom front mounted radiator
Over $850 spent on cooling – can drive on the hottest day in the worse traffic and be happy – you can rarely say that about a real Ferrari!
A 165 degree ‘cool’ Thermostat
A custom water header

* Pioneer (2009)
With CD player, radio, smart disk capable

* $6,000 on upgrade of the 4 speed gear box - heavy duty gearbox and clutch with special ratios that suit the engine perfectly, VW Beetle external with lots of heavy duty Kombi internals (2009)

* 295/15 rear tyres - Like new - massive 10 inch rear rims (New rims 2010)
* 225/15 front tyres - Like new on 8 inch rims
* 2 Spare 295/15 on 12 inch rims

For more info Rob Lamont 0416 118813

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