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Youth Bible Study Resources
by Rob Lamont
Rob Lamont started paid youth Ministry in 1978 and is evangelical, reformed, (That means Bible believing) and has written these resources from a Biblically conservative position.

Rob has worked for such groups as Bible Society and Scripture Union and is a Westminster Presbyterian Minister.

Rob currently is the Scripture teacher and chaplain at Kellyville High School ( A state High School in Sydney , Au)
where he teaches Christian Education, runs 3 Bible studies and 6 prayer groups) He also coordinates Scripture teaching for Rouse Hill High School. He has preached for over 20 different denominations
and lectured at numerous Bible Colleges.

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Rob Lamont
Mobile 0416 11 8813
Warrimoo, NSW

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According to the Gospel of Matthew

Here is a chance for your group to perform its way through the Gospel of Matthew.
  You will need three Judges, a time keeper and a gong.
  Each group will need three or four performers and to choose a name. They will receive their task one act before their performance.
  If you only have a few groups then each group may act twice.
  Each judge will score each group out of ten. Those who have the top scores in the first round compete in the final.

ROUND ONE   (Two minute skits with  two minutes for preparation)

1. Phone Book Conversation: Your mission is to say the list of ancestors of Jesus as if it was a conversation in a foreign language to someone asking directions to a shop. (Matt.1:1-17)

2. Commentary: One person is a news commentator and has to speak very fast while describing the Magi riding their camels to Bethlehem and arriving.   (Matt.2: 1-12)

3. Tell a story while acting out being puppets:The Temptation of Jesus.  (Matt.4: 1-17)

4.  Whose hands: The team has two people sitting on chairs. Each person on a chair has someone sitting behind being the hands for them, while being interviewed for a TV show  about anger. (Matt.5: 21-26)

5. Offertory: Person giving money, but so that everyone notices them. (Matt 6:1-4)

6. Switch: Every time the word "switch" is said by a judge the performers reverse roles. Switch between being judgmental and not.  (Matt. 7:1-6)

7. Mime:   Act out the drama without words. (Matt. 13:47-52)

8. Tell a story backwards: Start at the end, then the middle then the beginning. The Vineyard.(Matt. 20:1-16)

9. Sound effects:  Modern sound effects occur in the background and you have to include them in the story that you are acting out. The triumphant entry. (Matt. 21:1-17)

10. Power Struggle: One person (goat)  has to persuade the others that he is a sheep. (Matt.25: 31-46)

11. Opposite story: The people have to act out the opposite to what is normal. eg. The ungreat commission. (Matt 28:19-20)


1. Act out a word: eg. fasting, righteous, saved, born again, disciple.

2. A poem: Each person in the group stands in a straight line facing the audience and says one word of a poem for two minutes.  Topic: Jesus' Birth.

3. Conversation with only one word per person: Demanding a sign.  (Matt 16:1-4)

4. Sing a Song: The group sings a song about the ten young women. (Matt 25:1-13)