Jesus is Alive  Bible Study  Study Nine: Who would you die for? The Death of Christ youth Bible Studies by Rob Lamont, Christian Youth Resources, Australia
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Youth Bible Study Resources
by Rob Lamont
Rob Lamont started paid youth Ministry in 1978 and is evangelical, reformed, (That means Bible believing) and has written these resources from a Biblically conservative position.

Rob has worked for such groups as Bible Society and Scripture Union and is a Westminster Presbyterian Minister.

Rob currently is the Scripture teacher and chaplain at Kellyville High School ( A state High School in Sydney , Au)
where he teaches Christian Education, runs 3 Bible studies and 6 prayer groups) He also coordinates Scripture teaching for Rouse Hill High School. He has preached for over 20 different denominations
and lectured at numerous Bible Colleges.

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Rob Lamont
Mobile 0416 11 8813
Warrimoo, NSW

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Study Nine: Who would you die for?

1. Would you risk dying for?
            Your country
            Your family
            Someone in trouble
            A friend
            For kicks
            For romantic love
            A belief that is important to you
            For money
            For advancement of medical or scientific knowledge

Many thousands of men and women have died for their country in wars. Others have risked dying for a principle they believed in, others have chosen to die rather than be separated from the one they love, or have given their lives so that someone else might live.

        Something they knew was a lie? No one would be dumb enough for that!
        How did the key followers of Jesus die?
Disciples & New Testament Writers
Method of death for following Christ
Peter, Andrew, Luke, James son of Alphaeus,
Paul, Phillip, Simon, Bartholomew
Matthew, James son of Zebedee By sword
Mark Tortured to death
James Stoned
Killed by arrows
Thomas Spear thrust
John Natural death (But had been boiled in oil)


        They were flogged, tortured and finally killed. Why?
        Because they would not deny:
        That Jesus Christ rose from the dead and that Jesus Christ was the Son of God.

John 20:24-29 "But Thomas said, "First, I must see the nail scars in his hands and touch them with my finger. I must put my hand where the spear went into his side. I won't believe unless I do this!"

A week later the disciples were together again. This time Thomas was with them. Jesus came in while the doors were still locked and stood in the middle of the group. He greeted his disciples and said to Thomas, "Put your finger here and look at my hands! Put your hand into my side. Stop doubting and have faith!"

Thomas replied, "You are my Lord and my God!"

Jesus said, "Thomas, do you have faith because you have seen me? The people who have faith in me without seeing me are the ones who are really blessed!"

2.  What did Thomas say that he had to see before he would believe that Jesus had risen?
3.  How did Thomas know it was Jesus and not just a vision or a ghost?
4.  What was his reaction to seeing Jesus?
5.  What was the reaction of Jesus to Thomas?
6.  How do we know that Jesus came back to life again?
7.  Why do you think the resurrection is so important?
8.  What would you need to see to believe?
9.  Why do you think the early Christians were willing to die rather than deny Jesus?