Youth Bible Studies from Matthew 5 to 7 the Sermon on the Mount - Study Five: Revenge: How sweet it isn't !
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Youth Bible Study Resources
by Rob Lamont
Rob Lamont started paid youth Ministry in 1978 and is evangelical, reformed, (That means Bible believing) and has written these resources from a Biblically conservative position.

Rob has worked for such groups as Bible Society and Scripture Union and is a Westminster Presbyterian Minister.

Rob currently is the Scripture teacher and chaplain at Kellyville High School ( A state High School in Sydney , Au)
where he teaches Christian Education, runs 3 Bible studies and 6 prayer groups) He also coordinates Scripture teaching for Rouse Hill High School. He has preached for over 20 different denominations
and lectured at numerous Bible Colleges.

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Rob Lamont
Mobile 0416 11 8813
Warrimoo, NSW

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Matthew Chapter 5 to 7
The sermon on the mount by Jesus
            1. Getting serious about Jesus!     Matt 5:13-20
            2. Murder                                         
Matt 5:20-27
            3. Relationships                              
Matt 5:27-32
            4. My language                                
Matt 5:33-37
            5. Revenge: How sweet it isn't!     
Matt 5:38-6:4
            6. Prayer                                          
Matt 6:7-15
            7. What lasts                                   
Matt 6:19-24
            8. Worry                                           
Matt 6:25-34
            9. Judging others                            
Matt 7:1-6
            10. What type of person are you   
Matt 7:15-29

        Study Five: Revenge: How sweet it isn't !
36Don't swear by your own head. You cannot make one hair white or black. 37When you make a promise, say only "Yes" or "No." Anything else comes from the devil.

38You know that you have been taught, "An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth." 39But I tell you not to try to get even with a person who has done something to you. When someone slaps your right cheek, turn and let that person slap your other cheek. 40If someone sues you for your shirt, give up your coat as well. 41If a soldier forces you to carry his pack one mile, carry it two miles. 42When people ask you for something, give it to them. When they want to borrow money, loan it to them.

43You have heard people say, "Love your neighbours and hate your enemies." 44But I tell you to love your enemies and pray for anyone who mistreats you. 45Then you will be acting like your Father in heaven. He makes the sun rise on both good and bad people. And he sends rain for the ones who do right and for the ones who do wrong. 46If you love only those people who love you, will God reward you for that? Even tax collectors love their friends. 47If you greet only your friends, what's so great about that? Don't even unbelievers do that? 48But you must always act like your Father in heaven.     Matthew 5:38-48   (CEV)

            1. I feel like taking revenge when someone-
            a. Hits me.    Yes No Maybe b. Call me names.     Yes No Maybe
            c. Tells lies about me.  Yes No Maybe d. Pokes their tongue at me.   Yes No Maybe
            e. Swears at me.   Yes No Maybe

            2. When people hurt me I normally
            a. Don't tell anyone and just hold it in. b. I explode and get angry.
            c. It doesn't bother me.   d. I go off by myself and feel sorry for myself.
            e. I pray and ask God to forgive them. f. I try to talk to the person who has hurt me.
            g. I talk to someone who will help me. h. I spread rumours about the person who hurt me.

            3. When a person hits someone, why do you think that person, may want to hit back harder?  _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

            4. The concept of an "eye for an eye" was not for revenge but to limit revenge.
                How do you think it would limit revenge? _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

            5. What does the following statement mean "Bad actions are the result of bad attitudes." _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

            "14Ask God to bless everyone who mistreats you. Ask him to bless them and not to curse them. 15When others are happy, be happy with them, and when they are sad, be sad. 16Be friendly with everyone. Don't be proud and feel that you are smarter than others. Make friends with ordinary people. 17Don't mistreat someone who has mistreated you. But try to earn the respect of others, 18and do your best to live at peace with everyone.
            19Dear friends, don't try to get even. Let God take revenge. In the Scriptures the Lord says,
            "I am the one to take revenge and pay them back." 20The Scriptures also say, "If your enemies are hungry, give them something to eat. And if they are thirsty, give them something to drink. This will be the same as piling burning coals on their heads."     Romans 12:14-20   (CEV)

            6. What are four positive alternatives to revenge? _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________
            7.  How would you answer the following letters?
            * People pick on me a lot and I get really upset. I want to hit back but I know it is wrong. What should I do?  * I like stirring a kid at my school because he's a bit slow. I know it is wrong but what should I do?